VA601i User Manual

Unpacking the VA601i

The VA601i Fluency system contains:

  • A VA601i device
  • A Nokia style charger
  • Standard Nokia headset (HDC-5) x 2
  • Mini USB cable
  • User Manual
  • Quick reference card
  • VA601i PC Suite CD containing:

* Calibration Wizard
* Control Panel Software
* Therapist interviews
* User interviews
* Instructional videos
* Media content
* Documentation

Charging the VA601i

The bottom of the VA601i device contains the USB socket, charger socket, charge LED as well as the auxiliary audio socket.The VA601i device can be charged only via the charger socket. The USB socket will only power the device but NOT charge it.

When the unit is charging, the red charger LED will light up. When the LED turns off, charging is completed. Depending on your battery, a full charge can take anything up to 4 hours. Switching the unit off during charging will increase the charge rate. It is recommended that a unit be completely discharged before plugging in a charger.

Only use the supplied ACP12 charger or a standard PC USBport to charge the battery!


Getting Started

Before using your VA601i device for the first time, ensure that it is fully charged.

Plug the headset into the top socket and make sure that it is firmly pressed in. Switch the unit ON using the ON/OFF button. On power up the program LED will indicate which program the device is in, then the battery status will be displayed.

VA601i Keypad functions

The Volume Increase and Decrease buttons are used to adjust the overall audio volume level of the VA601i device.

The Program Scroll buttons are used to scroll through the preset programs on the device.

The multifunction button is programmable and can be used to control features like Masking and the Noise Gate.

Controls and Indicators

The top of the VA601i device contains two status LEDs and the headset socket.

The first LED indicates which program is selected when scrollingthrough the program list and the second indicates the batterycondition.

Battery indicator

  • (Green) Indicates a full charge
  • (Orange) indicates one third remaining charge
  • (Red) Indicates that the battery is low
  • Alternate flashing indicates a transition between states.

Program indicator

  • Flashes green once to indicate first program. The green program is designed for quiet environments and has low Delay Only settings.
  • Flashes orange twice to indicate second program. The orange program is designed for normal environments and has medium settings with Delay and Pitch Shift.
  • Flashes red three time to indicate third program. The red program is designed for noisy environments and has high settings and suppresses background noise.
  • Both indicators Flashing Red 4 times to indicate Program 4 the masking program is active (Edinburgh Masking). Masking can be manually activated by pressing the center Square button on the keypad.


Control Panel

The VoiceAmp VA601i PC Suite also contains the VA601i Control Panel software. The Control Panel software allows the VA601i device settings to be altered and saved to the device as different programs.

These programs can then be accessed by using the Program Scroll buttons on the keypad. Many of the advanced features of your VA601i device are accessible via the Control Panel.

The Control Panel software is also used by Speech Therapists to assess clients and create custom programs. It is recommended that therapists complete the VoiceAmp training program before using this tool during assessments.

Additional information on the Control Panel can be found in the Control Panel Reference Manual or Help File.

Calibration Wizard

VoiceAmp have developed an easy to use tool for exploring theVA601i features.

The Calibration Wizard is part of the VA601i PC Suite that is includedin your box.

The VoiceAmp Calibration Wizard communicates with your VA601i device to give a real-time demonstration of the device capabilities.

The calibration wizard lets you explore some of the VA601i features, including: Variable DAF (Delayed Auditory Feedback) and  Programmable Noise Gate.


Contact and Support

VoiceAmp is continually improving existing technologies and exploring new techniques to improve fluency. We value your feedback. For technical support, please contact us.

Technical Support

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