VA601i Troubleshooting

My device will not switch on

  • The battery is too low, charge your device for at least half an hour
  • Press the ON/OFF button firmly
  • Plug the device into a USB port to power it from a PC

My device won’t charge

  • Check that the red charger LED lights up when plugged in
  • Try switching your device off while charging
  • Plug the device into a USB port to charge it from a PC

I cannot hear any sound

  • Make sure the headset is plugged in properly
  • Increase the volume on the keypad

My headset cable is broken

  • There is a spare Nokia HDC-5 in the box
  • Nokia HDC-5 headsets are available from mobile phone shops
  • Replacement custom headsets are available from VoiceAmp

The earpiece hurts my ear or is uncomfortable

  • Use the supplied earpiece adaptors
  • Order a custom molded earpiece (requires audiologist to make a mould)

My battery isn’t lasting

  • Switch the device off when not in use
  • Charge daily for at least 3hrs

Contact and Support

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