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We supply improved speech technology designed to deliver amplified speech for presenters, teachers, coach’s, and people who struggle with voice strain and projecting their voice.

The Amplifier VA300 is a lightweight mobile solution, designed for daily use.  

2017 price: ZAR1,850 including VAT, excluding delivery, and subject to exchange rate fluctuation.

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How the Amplifier VA300 works

Reduce the risk of damage

Voice strain affects many people who use their voice repetitively. Unless addressed, this can result in permanent voice damage. The Amplifier VA300 not only helps you to project your voice – it reduces the risk of damage. 

How to use the VA300

The Voice Amplifier can be worn around the waist using the attached waistband. You may adjust the voice with the volume control wheel, always making sure you adjust the volume level to avoid excessive volume as this will generate noise and interference. Find the perfect level for use for different environments.

Projected Sound

The projected sound can cover over 400 Square Meters e.g. 20 x 20 meters. The device is 105mm x 84mm x 35mm and has a rechargeable battery, an adjustable waist or neckband with a removable belt clip. The VA300 uses non-screech technology to reduce aggravated feedback.

Setting up the Microphone

Do not turn on the power or adjust the volume before fitting the headset microphone. Insert the microphone plug into the correct socket of the voice amplifier (be careful not to insert into the audio input socket). In order to get the best use from your Voice Amplifier use the microphone supplied.

Using the Microphone

The direction of the microphone can be adjusted. If you remove the sponge cover you will see two holes, these should aim at your mouth. The most suitable distance between the microphone and the mouth is 10 to 15mm. There is a while line on the end of the microphone which should be positioned against the mouth. 

Charging the battery

The lithium battery can last up to 10 hours of continuous use. In use, a green light will indicate the battery is fully charged. If the LED light dims, you need to recharge. Before charging, turn off the amplifier. The LED light will flash between red and green while charging. Once the LED light turns red the charge process is completed. +/- 6 hours. To prolong battery life recharge only when the battery runs down.

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VA300 in the News

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Overcoming vocal strain with VoiceAmp VA300

If your work involves speaking in front of people, there will be times when you suffer from vocal strain. This common condition happens frequently amongst teachers, instructors and other professionals who regularly project their voices.

The good news is that there’s a solution: The  VoiceAmp VA300 . The lightweight, wearable speech device has been designed to deliver amplified speech for people in situations where they must use their voice repetitively.

“Teachers, coaches and instructors who use their voices often each day find that their voices take enormous strain,” says VoiceAmp CEO Alan Falck.

“The VA300 not only helps these people project their voice, it also reduces the risk of damage over the long-term.”

People often overuse their voices due to occupation, lifestyle or as a result of illness or injury. If gone unchecked, it can result in long-term or permanent damage.

Overuse not only affects the speaker; it also affects their work. “For example, if a teacher struggles, you can be assured that their students are also struggling. Not only because they are straining to hear, but because they are also distracted by the teacher’s stress,” explains Falck.

With a background in developing technological solutions for speech fluency, Falck identified a need to support those who struggle with voice strain in their careers. He designed the VA300 as an easy-to-use device that delivers an effective solution at a competitive price.

The device comes with a headset microphone which allows soft speech to be collected and amplified. Using non-screech technology, the VA300 reduces aggravated feedback to deliver clear, audible sounds.

Wearable using a waist or neck band, the device can project up to 4,000 square meters and is usable indoors and outdoors. A rechargeable battery ensures it can provide full support throughout the busy working day.

“Voice strain is a surprisingly common challenge, and the stress experienced as a result can be debilitating,” says Falck. “If you suffer voice strain or have to use your voice regularly, avoid further problems with this powerful solution.”

VoiceAmp VA300 is available online for purchase. Orders are dispatched within 24-hours and should be delivered within 48-hours.

Secure Payment

We use secure payment channels managed through PayPal and all major credit cards.

Delivery Time

Orders are dispatched within 24 hours of funds clearing. Orders should be received within 48 hours.

Return Policy

A device may be returned within 14 days, subject to a 5% handling fee plus PayPal finance fees that may have been incurred.

Message from Alan Falck

"Our passion at VoiceAmp is to lower the anxiety and reduce the severity of stuttering and voice strain for our customers. Our device has been subjected to many clinical trials and we have supplied devices for over 10 years. We look forward to connecting with you."


Alan Falck
Founder of VoiceAmp

VoiceAmp is continually improving existing technologies and exploring new techniques to improve fluency. We value your feedback. For technical support, please contact us.

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