Marketing Automation Platform

Available Features: Monthly subscription, ‘intelligent’ database, sales automation, visitor tracking, campaign tracking, E-commerce tracking, behaviour-based emails, dynamic landing page, dynamic form builder, blog builder, and reporting dashboard, no long-term contract- month-to-month payment.


• Marketing Automation Basic Package:
R3, 000 p.m.

1,500 contacts | 5,000 emails | 100,000 page impressions.
You operate the platform. Optional extra’s to be quoted separately: training, support services, new customer research.

• Marketing Automation Auto+ Package:
R7, 500 p.m.

3,000 contacts | 6,000 emails | 100,000 page impressions.
We operate the platform. 2 email campaigns p.m.

• Marketing Automation Bronze Package:
R11, 000 p.m.

5,000 contacts | 20,000 emails | 150,000 page impressions.
We operate the platform. 1 sales landing page, 4 email campaigns p.m.

• Marketing Automation Silver Package:
R14, 500 p.m.

5, 000 contacts | 20,000 emails | 200,000 page impressions.
We operate the platform. customer journey process, 2 sales landing pages, 4 email campaigns.

• Marketing Automation Gold Package:
On request

Tailored to your specific needs.

Optional Extra Digital Marketing Services

On request and tailored to your needs: Platform management, new customer research, search marketing (SEO, PPC), Social Media (organic and paid marketing), websites, E-commerce sites, content creation, training.

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Marketing Automation Software

Intuitive technology used to automate online marketing campaigns

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Repeated, relevant messaging is one of the most successful methods to influence human behaviour, and automation software is a specialist technology that does this effectively with fast (instant) response times.

Marketing Automation provides you with a 'live' database storing all your contacts, tracking their online activities, and identifying their personal preferences.

As Marketing Automation platform managers we work with marketers who are driven to improve their sales funnel performance and achieve significantly better results every day.

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The Sales Funnel

Attract. Nurture. Convert.

Marketing Automation software helps drive through three key stages of the sales funnel: 1. - attract more contacts, 2. - nurture contacts until they are ready to buy, and 3. - help cement the conversion process - from first interaction to loyal supporter. 

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The software captures contact details as they enter the sales funnel from sources such as: email marketing, website enquires, sales landing pages, eCommerce sites, online searches (Google, Bing, etc.), social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, Instagram etc.), blog sites, online forms, SMS marketing, mobile marketing, QR codes; and many other sources.

The platform makes use of an 'intelligent' CRM database to capture contacts and automatically segment them into interest-specific lists as required for targeted marketing.

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Once the contact has been recorded in the database, the software generates dynamic communications to the contact, tracks the contacts online actions, and then uses the information to build a profile of the contacts personal interests and preferences. The platform delivers a variety of communications such as: dynamic content (it identifies and displays specific content to specific people automatically), automated email drip campaigns, campaign-specific sales landing pages (microsites), campaign specific online forms/ surveys/ questionnaires, informational media such as blog pages, videos, downloads (white papers, infographics, etc), and then sends automatic and instant notification of visitor activity to the sales team. 

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 As soon as the software identifies an interested visitor as a ‘hot lead’, it automatically updates the contact status and triggers off a notification to the sales team. The system helps: identify sales opportunities, open an ‘contact sales card’, track the contact through the selling process, add any other contacts associated with the opportunity, record email communications, send information to the dashboard, and, produce a Return on Investment (ROI) report. 

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The platform provides an extensive dashboard allowing for in-depth analysis of all activities from a wide variety of perspectives. The dashboard includes: campaign tracking, paid and organic AdWords tracking, paid and organic Social Media tracking, site traffic reports, open rates, conversion rates, bounce rates, sales breakdown reports, A/B testing reports, media click-through reports, ROI reports, and other client-specific feedback. 

Using Marketing Automation, drip campaigns can be implemented putting a brand and everything it offers in front of the right customer, at the right time.

Marketing Automation Features

Full Marketing Strategy

Research and Database Building

Full Marketing Automation

Behaviour-Based Emails

Dynamic Landing Pages

Dynamic Form Builder

Campaign Tracking

Blog Builder

CRM and Sales Automation

Reporting and Analytics

Anonymous Visitor ID

eCommerce and much more

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Our Services

Managing the system: We on-board and maintain the marketing automation software. 

Marketing campaigns: We conceptualise, write and design campaign content. 

Customer journey: We develop online customer engagement processes. 

Research contacts: We identify specific contacts for specific campaigns 

Working together with you, we help grow your business by filling your sales pipeline with hot new leads. As part of our drive to fill the sales funnel we use 'intelligent' software to detect people interested in what you offer and secure qualified inquiries.

Besides our subscription-based Marketing Automation software built for world-class digital marketing campaigns, we also provide a Re-seller Marketing option where we use our software and customer database to sell your products and services for a re-seller fee.

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Deon van Rensburg
Account Manager