Founded in 2012, Inspired Marketing is a Cape Town based, South African marketing agency specialising in marketing communications software, automating marketing processes, and creating and managing online promotional campaigns.

The agency operates powerful CRM database and marketing communications software designed to put clients on the map, and firmly in the minds of their target audience.

We believe brands can gain a competitive market edge by better understanding customer perceptions and preferences. To achieve this we use the software to identify specific customer markets, making it possible to better capture a unique and valuable position where a brand will naturally excel.

Inspired Marketing conceptualises, designs and delivers marketing communications for online campaigns. Our services include marketing strategy, marketing automation management, social media marketing, search marketing, and content marketing.

The agency is a SharpSpring Marketing Automation partner using automated marketing campaigns to push out messaging to selected audiences and pull in qualified enquiries for our clients. We work with a team of professionals who are each specialists in their field, and passionate about delivering high quality service.


With a background in marketing strategy, visual communication and customer decision-making,
our focus is on generating a specific response from a specific audience.

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Deon van Rensburg (MBA)

Sales Director

As a trained strategist and decision-making consultant, Deon specialises in market analysis and purchaser behaviour. He focuses on developing competitive marketing strategies for brands, and then help guide growth in value and brand loyalty.

Working with clients, Deon uses his extensive experience to uncover new market opportunities and assists in creating plans to execute their strategy.

With a career that includes working with multi-nationals, mid-size businesses and small boutique brands, Deon is passionate about the role a brand can play as a pillar of society.

Deon has a natural ability to see through the clutter business 'noise' and identify the core drivers of growth. Using this insight, he helps brands gain clear direction and maintain momentum.

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Kerry Lewkowicz

Creative Director

With over 10 years’ experience in graphic design and a diploma in art direction, in 2012 Kerry advanced her career by taking on the role of creative director at Inspired Marketing.

Kerry is passionate about visual communication and the positive impact it can have on the growth of a brand. Using her natural creative instinct, Kerry understands how a message can be conveyed quickly and persuasively with the use of well-designed visuals.

Today Kerry uses a powerful suite of tools that helps her to get 'into the shoes of the customer' and to conceptualise and create visuals that achieves a specific response from a specific audience.

Kerry appreciates that it's not only about great creative work - it is about grasping the bigger story of the brand and everything the brand offers.

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"Working together with you, we can help grow your business by filling the sales pipeline with hot new leads. As part of our drive to fill the sales funnel we use intelligent software to detect people interested in what you offer and secure qualified inquiries."

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Deon van Rensburg
Sales Director